Sheridan College | Bachelors of Craft and Design: 

Ceramics Major / Furniture Minor



OCAD University | Florence Abroad Program: 

Studio Arts and Italian Art History 



OCAD University | Bachelor of Fine Arts:

Drawing and Painting


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Authentique Timeless Women’s Fashion  |  Online Shop

Stocking Ceramic Ware Series 

2020 - Now | Toronto, ON

Produce a line of unconventional, functional ceramics 

consignment contract 

affiliated charities - timeless women’s fashion


Easy Tiger Goods  |  Storefront and Online Shop

Stocking Ceramic Ware Series 

2019 - Now | Toronto, ON

Produce a line of unconventional, functional ceramics 

consignment contract 

affiliated charities - local artisan collective




Liana Tarantini  -  Sculpture & Design  |  Owner and Artist

Personal Studio Practice

2018 - Now | Toronto, ON

Designing and producing a collection of unconventional, decorative and functional ceramics. Training and managing a small team of part-time studio assistants and outsourcing trades work. Managing sales, project proposals, commission execution and client care. collaborating with local creatives to produce social media content, PR copy, organized charity donations and managing a small production team to create lifestyle/product photography and videography for my studio.


The Shop Toronto  |  Studio Assistant


2019 May - Now  |  Toronto, ON

Managing a public studio space, assisting customers and members in studio operations and workplace safety. 


Rivermede Woodworking Ltd.  |  Project Manager


2018 August - 2019 December | Vaughan

Onsite project management including but not limited to - coordinating cabinetry manufacture, project deliveries, site access, construction worksite etiquette, cabinetry and millwork installation and resolving service calls. 


Rivermede Woodworking Ltd.  |  Designer


2018 January-July | Vaughan, ON

Assistant to the company owner and head designer. Working knowledge of CADD and Cabinet Vision. Drafting cabinetry designs, production drawings and multi-use elevations for custom cabinetry and millwork. Management of project proposals, production schedules, on-site installation, on-call services and client relations.  


Rivermede Woodworking Ltd. | Sculptor & Installation Artist

Contract work - Sculpture, Installation, Decorative Artist

2015-2017  | Vaughan, ON

Under contract by the company owner and head designer, Producing custom sculpture designs, gilding services, speciality surface finishes, wood carving, furniture restoration, installation and onsite services. 


Oro e Colore: C. & S. Martelli Studio  |  Self Directed Study

Restoration of Gilded and Painted Works of Art 

2016 June - July |  Florence, ITA

Working with Carlo and Stefania Martelli in their Florence studio applying various traditional Italian gilding techniques such as oil gilding, water gilding, acrylic emulsion and the restoration of gilt objects. 


Florence Cathedral Restoration  |  Sculptor 

Replication of the Ghiberti Bronze Baptistry Doors, Sculpture Assistant

2015 May - July  |  Florence, ITA

Assistant to Florentine restoration artist Pierluca Arena in the replication and restoration of the Duomo Cathedral Church's Bronze Baptistry Doors. Operating under the official Opera del Duomo Organization (Works of the Duomo Organization). Duties include but not limited to: sculpting wax renderings of the original bronze door decorative, sculptural elements.

Rivermede Woodworking Ltd.  |  Custom Wood Design 

Fine Wood Carving

2014 – 2015 | Vaughan, ON

Decorative wood carving, wood surface finishing, general woodworking responsibilities and cabinetry door manufacturing. I acquired the work etiquette needed to function safely and efficiently within the factory environment. While attending University, I worked part-time during the school year and full-time in summers. 


Millway Door Design Custom Woodworking  |  Decorative Woodworking

Carpenter’s Apprentice and Finisher

2011-2012  |  Vaughan, ON

Working under the head carpenter, effectively using power tools, hand-carving, sanding and applying various furniture finishes. 


Millway Door Design Inc.  |  Custom Kitchen Design 

Office Receptionist

2009 – 2013  |  Vaughan, ON

Working in the Millway Door Design offices, providing general office support in regards to receiving orders, scheduling production with delivery time, pricing, processing payments and managing any clientele needs or client relations.


Residential Commission  |  Gilding Furniture - Currently in progress 

Custom Gold Leaf Gilding  

2020 June |  Aurora, ON

Using traditional and professional gilding techniques to refine and refurbish a collection of high-end, designer furniture. Approx. Full Living Room and Bar sets

Residential Commission  |  Cabinetry Mural - Currently in progress 

Custom Onsite Mural Painting

2020 June |  Aurora, ON

Colourful onsite painted mural, a custom design created to suit the client's specific design needs. Approx. 40 ft x 12 ft cubic space


Residential Commission  |  Ceramic Wall Installation - Currently in progress 

Custom Porcelain Sculpture Installation

2020 June |  Aurora, ON

Floral filigree hand made porcelain sculpture door mantle. Custom design created for the client's specific home space. Onsite install, porcelain sculpture and rose gold gilding. Approx. 7 ft x 4 ft 

Residential Commission  |  Ceramic Wall Installation - Currently in progress 

Custom Porcelain Sculpture Installation

2020 June |  Aurora, ON

Sculptural ceramic crown moulding in the large main floor foyer. Custom design created for the client's specific home space. Onsite install, porcelain sculpture and rose gold gilding. Approx. 40 ft x 2 ft 


Commission  |  Brand Oriented Double Wall Porcelain Cups 

Custom Ceramic Ware

2020 March  |  Toronto, ON

Manulife Financial Advising Office 

Custom Espresso Cup Set 

Custom design double-walled cups created for their office and customers to embody their brand/lifestyle. 


Commission  |  Brand Oriented Double Wall Porcelain Cups 

Custom Ceramic Ware

2020  |  Toronto, ON

Shy Kids Production Company

Custom design double-walled cups created for their office and customers to embody their brand/lifestyle. 


Commission  |  Brand Oriented Double Wall Porcelain Cups 

Custom Ceramic Ware

2019  |  Toronto, ON

Goddess Girl Talk  - Female Focussed Business Coaching Company

Custom design double-walled cups artfully accented in 24kt gold created to embody the GGT brand and lifestyle. Porcelain and Gold - Handmade and hand-carved sets.


Commission  |  Ceramic Bull & Bear Sculpture


2019 March  |  Toronto, ON

Manulife Financial Advising Office 

Bull and the Bear sculpture in ceramic material. A unique combination of 24kt ceramic gold lustre, and Gilding techniques Approx. 2 ft x 1 ft 


Residential Commission  |  Porcelain Roses Wall Mounted

Sculpture and Installation Artist

2018 | Vaughan, ON

Design proposal, mockups, elevation drawings, production, time management, pricing and processing payments. Professional business relations with client and other trades involved. Approx. 6 ft x 4 ft 


Commission  |  Custom Outdoor Ceramic Decor

Sculpture and Installation Artist

2017 | Vaughan, ON

House Number Plate - Consultation, design proposal, sampling, pricing, production and installation. Custom residential outdoor piece. Approx. 2 ft x 3 ft 


Residential Commission  |  Silver Leaf Gilded Mirror Frame Wall Mounted 

Traditional Italian Oil Gilding

2017 | King City, ON

Technique with genuine silver leaf on large scale wood mirror frame, installation of wall-mounted frame panels. Approx. 6 ft x 10 ft 


Residential Commission  |  Porcelain Peonies Wall-Mounted Sculpture

Sculpture and Installation Artist

2016 | King City, ON

Production of ceramic sculptural elements and proper kiln firings. Professional conduct with clients and onsite installation of large scale sculpture with a working knowledge of power tools, scaffolding and ladders.  Project proposal, mockup, elevation drawing,  pricing, budgeting and proper work etiquette on residential sites with client satisfaction. Approx. 10’ x 8’


Residential Commission  |  Gold Leaf Gilded Frame Wall Mounted 

Traditional Italian Water Gilding

2016 | King City, ON

Traditional Italian water gilding technique with Genuine Gold leaf on large scale wood panelling. Installation of wall-mounted frame panels. Approx. 10 ft x 12 ft 


Commission  |  Wood Sculptor 

Madonna and Child Sculpture

2014 August | Woodbridge, ON

Restoration of painted basswood statue. Commissioned by St. Peter’s Catholic Church for public use. Approx. 4 ft tall.




2020 July  |  One of a Kind Virtual Show - Official Vendor 

2020 April  |  One of a Kind Virtual Show - Official Vendor

2020 March  |  One of a Kind Spring Show - Exhibition Center Official Vendor + 

                     Featured Rising Star (cancelled due to COVID-19)

2019  |  The Shop Studio Show/Sale, Toronto, ON

2019  |  DesignTO 100 Vases Exhibition - The Shop, Toronto, ON

2017 August  |  Ceramic Design Showroom, Rivermede Woodworking, Woodbridge, ON

2016 January |  Reflections on Culture and Identity, Gardiner Museum, Toronto, ON

2015 May | 100th GradEx, OCADU, Toronto, ON

2015 January | Studio Divino, OCAD University, Toronto, ON 

2014 October | Dolce Dieci Group Show, Milton Art Gallery, Milton, ON

2014 April | Studio Divino, OCADU Studio, Florence, ITA

2014 April | OCADU Florence, ÉTÉ Café Bistro, Florence, ITA

2014 March | Othello OCADU Group Show, The British Institute, Florence, ITA

2014 March | Creative People of Florence Group Show, OCADU Studio, Florence, ITA



Liana Tarantini Sculpture & Design is a small studio based in Toronto, where I produce a collection of beautifully unconventional ceramic artworks. My ceramic ware is a celebration of life and light through functional design. I carry this ethos throughout my entire collection of unique kitchenware, ceramic sculptures, artful installations and customized home decor. Whether it be a quiet moment with your favourite mug in hand or a beautiful sculpture chosen by you, I believe that every piece of possession is an expression of that unique person's life.

My collection of handmade artworks are created to help tell these individual human stories.



Hi! I'm Liana, the owner and artist behind Sculpture and Design Ceramics based in Toronto, ON.

I received my BFA from OCADU and continued my formal education in craft and design from Sheridan College. While studying in Florence, I worked alongside artisans and restoration artists who inspired the passion for sculpture that drives my work forward. Today, my studio practice is influenced by the virtues of Italian fine arts, design and architecture.


I specialize in ceramics and sculpture, focussing on figural forms and lively floral installations.  I also produce a line of unconventional functional ceramics that experiment with light and the weightlessness of porcelain. I hope my Sculpture and Design collections can bring a little fun and lighthearted beauty into your daily routine. 


It's the quiet moments, like having a cup of morning tea in your favourite mug or sitting in a room filled with your beloved works of art,  that start your day in your own special way. 

Thanks for your time and consideration!


Liana  Tarantini


(647) 704 - 0167

Toronto, ON