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Handmade artworks tell human stories.....
Sculpture & Design

The Sculpture & Design Studio is based in Toronto, ON, specializing in home décor and custom artworks for interior design.

Liana and her team of creative professionals produce works of art that span across a wide range of artisanal disciplines. Liana works alongside both industry professionals and private homeowners to deliver innovative design solutions tailored to their individual creative needs. 

Contact us here to inquire about our custom sculptures, painted murals, faux finishes, gold gilding, ceramic ware and much more.


Sculpture & Design also produces a line of wall hanging artworks and unconventional ceramic wares, carried by a variety of local craft boutiques including Craft Ontario. Shop our online collection here or browse through our list of stockists for worldwide shipping and store locations near you!

The flower that grows from the                        stone is a symbol of hope...

These floral sculptures breath life into the clay with lively transformation. Winding, blooming botanical sculptures; each petal pressed so thinly that light passes through the translucent porcelain.

This work tenaciously challenges the fragility of ceramics and derives strength from its organic forms.


Porcelain Peony  Wall Installation- Private Installation

24Kt Gold Gilded Frame

10' x 12'

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"The women in our family
have mani d'oro" 
(hands of gold)

 When I was a little girl, my grandmother taught me how to make traditional Italian bread sculptures. She was the first of her family to immigrate from a small town in Italy to Toronto, and practicing these traditions gave her strength. It was during this time that I began to understand my own cultural identity and start my journey towards sculpture. My grandmother gave me this passion for craftsmanship and Italian art that brings my work to life today.  She would tell me,

" you can make whatever your heart desires because the women in our family have “mani d’oro” (hands of gold)."

- Liana Tarantini


 Working within both the decorative and fine arts, I collaborate with designers and other craftspeople to construct artful and unique living spaces. 

The Sculpture & Design Studio is equipped to design, produce and install sculptural works to meet the needs of both private and public projects.


Trained in Florence Italy, Liana has worked with a variety of Sculpting, Painting and Gilding techniques used in architectural decor, interior design and custom home decor. The Sculpture & Design Studio offers custom painted mural finishes and gilding services in precious metal including 24 kt gold, moon gold, silver, palladium, as well as copper, faux gold and aluminium  


I run my studio practice in Toronto, producing both functional ceramics and sculpture.

I want to invite you into my studio for a closer look at my process working with porcelain and ceramic materials.


Every day starts with a cut of clay -  my job is to find life within it.


Our Ceramics are Carried by a Wonderful Community of Online and Local Toronto Stores!


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Toronto Based Storefront & Online Collection



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Liana Tarantini Sculpture and Design retains the rights to all designs. Pieces may be posted to social media or elsewhere and may be replicated by the designer for any usage.

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